Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vampire Weekend

Okay, I guess we'll start it here. Friday the 7th of December, Vampire Weekend played at Kilby Court. If you've listened to any of their stuff you know they're fabulous. They sound like nothing else out there. The only song I currently have on my player is theirs, so you already know this. Don't they sound casual? Don't they sound fun? Are you having as hard a time waiting for a full cd of theirs to come out as I am? They don't have a full cd out yet. I think it comes out this January. I made a couple videos of songs at the show, because the great thing about Kilby is that you're always so close (made possible by only 100 tickets being sold, and having the band play in a small shack with everyone crowded in). I think it's hands down my favorite venue, at least in Utah. Anyway, the band here is from back East. Funny how you can say "back East" and it's supposed to say it all. I think they're from New York? Jersey? I don't know; possibly they met in New York in college, and the lead singer is from Jersey. We talked to him after the show; he was very excited about the snow (it started snowing big fat flakes outside during the show, making this our second legitimate snow fall of the season). Very nice, very polite, really young looking. I swear the kid couldn't be more than 20. Spencer talked to him about Jersey because he lived their too. The drummer had this amazing energy throughout the show that made it impossible not be excited if not giddy while watching him. Heidi made fun of his wranglers (as being too trendy), and him rolling up his pant legs like a biker (of the bicycle variety) before the show, but I'm pretty sure she recinded her mockery on account of his amazing skills. The keyboardest/pianis too was an integral part of what I think makes the band; with the help of his computer gadgetry sounds occured resembling a xylophone/tropical bongo...? (I really should know more about the instruments that make certain sounds with how much I love listening to bands that experiment with the instruments that make slightly different sounds than what people are used to hearing on a regular basis) Anyway, he was really nice as well, even though Heidi stole his drug juice on dare from Spencer before the show and before she realized he was in the band.

So the lead singer also had this big old Gibson Classic, hollowbody style with he violin slits on the face towards the sides, that has the best unique sound of any guitar I know. I love that thing--so beautiful. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa in particular makes me feel like I'm in Jamaica or some other place tropical whenever I hear it, which made a nice contrast listening to it while the most beautiful snowfall we've yet had this year occured just outside the windows. It was, without a doubt, a really great show to have attended. And while I was somewhat sad about it falling on the same day as Iron & Wine, I really just couldn't miss it (especially with I & W playing at the Saltair with the terrible acoustics and lake effect smell). I'll try to post a video of the music to Youtube or something, so I can post it on here as well, because it's just worth watching/listening to.

Nice work. I like how the first photo makes it look like they're playing to a crowd of zombies what with the glowing eyes and all. FYI: Vampire Weekend self-titled debut on Jan. 29 on XL Recordings.
Yeah, there's a guy with these massive glasses in the front row too, if you didn't already notice, which really helps push that image. The kind that are nerdy enough to be cool if they weren't so nerdy.
Vampire Weekend, wow what a name! Before I read it I thought that you went to a Vampire Convention or read Twilight-which if you haven't read, START NOW! That series is AMAZING! And yes I like the music! It's music I picture listening to when I'm hanging out at the beach or something. I loved reading through your blog! Now we can be not only London friends and past roomates, but now Blog Friends, Yea!
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