Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Post

Yesterday I went to tea with my little sister and Duckling for her birthday. My sister's that it. I forget how silly she is when I'm away from her, but remember right away when I see her again. I had quite a good time, and for a time forgot all about the horrible day I'd had at work. They brought us cucumber water with our tea, which made my day, and there were no shortage of apple/cream cheese finger sandwiches. There was a damper thrown in the amount of scones, but I never finish it all anyway, so I didn't mind too much. We talked about her work experiences at the bank she now works at (where my older sister also works), made fun of people taking engagement photos while wearing sweater vests, and ultimately had a right old riot of a time. I love talking to certain people about everything and nothing at all. I think one of the best stories was that of my 3 year old nephew, who Muffin was watching at her in-laws house the other day, which is where she lives. They were downstairs and suddenly he announced that he wanted to go upstairs and play with "grandma." My sister informed him that she wasn't his grandma, but was in fact Kyle's mom. He then heatedly said, "she's my grandma and I love her." That kid is so randomly funny sometimes. And out of control. I told him I'd send him to China the other day if he didn't stop kicking me in the leg while I was pushing him in a shopping cart. He stopped needless to say. About 15 minutes later, somewhat out of the blue, he said to no one in particular, "I don't want to go to China." His mother was confused. I think I let her stay that way.

That night I spent hours at the grocery store picking out things I needed to buy to make food for my Sunday potluck. I've bought things for at least the last 4 consecutive times, and I felt bad. It was a Southern style potluck, and after hearing all the other things that were being brought, I didn't want to get too badly shown up. So I made chicken marinated in buttermilk, and battered, and also a pecan pie. Unfortunately I accidentally left the oven setting on "broil," and I don't think it cooked right. Ultimately it didn't matter, because I dropped it when I got to work. It had tinfoil over the top, so it was still good, just not pretty. I was sad, but Leon brought two pecan pies, so I think it was for the best. I'm baking it right now on super low heat to see if it will ever get done. I should probably go check on that.

Friday night I finally got my birthday dinner. It was me, my parents, and Muffin and her hubby. Basically they were taking her out for her birthday, and I got invited probably out of pity. Just kidding; I deserved it. I love the chicken scampi there, and the cheese cake. Turns out that is the Olive Garden my roommate works at, so she came over and said hi and met the fam. The food was good, our waiter was slightly forgetful, and I got home really late that night. It was a nice night, but I also learned that my dad had a lot of heart tests done lately, and they didn't come out so well. Surgery is pretty likely, and it freaks me out. I decided long ago that my dad needs to live forever, so he'd better not let me down. That's actually not very happy in a happy post, but I did enjoy spending time with my family. And tomorrow is Friday, so praises to that.

I agree. My parents have to live forever too. I enjoyed this post a lot more than the other.
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