Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It's amazing how television can bring us together. Ironic, considering it's the major contributor (along with McDonalds) of childhood obesity. I myself watched more tv as a child than hours I could account for in a day. And with that I still managed to traipse about the neighborhood with an imagination the size of Mars, and countless scars from the adventures I contrived to prove it. I climbed trees, I fell out of trees, I built airplanes out of the remains of our old wooden wagon with my sister, I crashed our makeshift plane which was tied to the back of our bikes and sadly lacked brakes, I used my dads screwdrivers as chisels to make countless works of art, and I stole hay from a neighbors empty abandoned field to build forts. But I still caught every popular children's show of the time, and even now I can't watch any 80's Christmas special without the fondest of memories and immediate delight.

My point is that I'm finding a lot of roommate bonding coming from in front of this particular outlet, and it's completely unexpected with our crazy lives and conflicting schedules. But sometimes it's nice to get that release and just to relax. Also, with that relaxed state comes the ability to converse more freely. I have views I didn't realize were there before watching random shows on tv. I think the things that you laugh at, and the things that interest you also do a pretty adequate job of portraying traits of your personality to others. For instance, I just found out that Roommate #2 and I share a deep love of Lord of the Rings, both the movies and the books. And House, and Arrested Development. It turns out our personalities and senses of humor are more aligned than I would have originally thought. And all 3 of us bond over Gray's Anatomy, or Smutty ER as I still like to call it.

With that I have to think back to my last roommate situation. I didn't watch that show before I found out that all of my roommates, save one, were addicted to it. We also did the whole Alias thing, which is the single moment I can attribute to my bonding with Snasia, who I previously didn't know. I asked a stupid question, she made me feel stupid with her that point we reached an understanding; She could insult me without any worries as to whether I would be offended, because I'm not easily offended, and I could do the same; then we would both laugh about it. And punch each other with Socker Boppers. I only hope my current living arrangement will yield equal amounts of enjoyment, and I have no doubt that movies and television will play an important part.

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