Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kind Of A Story, But Mainly Just Longer.

So I'm pretty sure I either just failed my Genetics test spectacularly, or did a fairly decent job on a test I only studied for 2 days in advance. Sadly I think it's probably the former, but at least I managed to wing my way through it in a way that didn't crush my spirits whilst I was failing it. Now I get to write up my post lab and pre lab before my O Chem lab in 3 hours. I hate that lab; the fact that I'm never prepared for it, so it just drags on, plays an important part--but I can't help that. On the bright side, I totally aced my first Organic Chemistry test; I owned that baby. And I only studied for it the night before. I did none of the bookwork, just the practice test, so it's nice to see that some good old procrastination still pays off.

I've recently decided I need to find a way to make my friend Omar's family adopt me. I'd totally convert to being Muslim if I got to eat like I did Monday for 30 days of the year; just kidding. But there was a truck load of food, and it was all amazing. I've never eaten so much without being starving, and afterwards I didn't even feel sick. I should have been home studying, but if I failed that Genetics test because I wasn't, it was totally worth it. It was pretty amazing all around. I learned a lot about why Omar's family came to the US, because apparently they were pretty well off in Jordan (I guess when Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait they pretty much lost everything because they'd signed a contract to handle shipments for the government), and I also learned more about this guy I work with Zach and his family, who are Muslim and from Egypt (I always see him in passing and we smile and say hello, but I never knew him well before now). Also, I learned more about botany than I thought there existed of botany, from Brian. He's another friend from work who was invited for dinner, and that man could grow the tree of life in the desert, I kid you not. He managed to grow figs in Utah--my point made. I met all of their families too. And did I mention the food? The stuffed potatoes (with a minced meat, covered in a tomato sauce) I love so much were there, beef and lamb kabobs, spiced grilled chicken, lamb and stuffed zucchini in a very thin "yogurt" type soup, salad that consists as much of finely chopped tomatoes and cucumber as it does lettuce--which you mix in with the rice, and speaking of, the biggest platter of rice I've ever seen with cauliflower, eggplant, tomatoes, and almond slivers mixed in... I really do want to move in, and those were only the things where I had any idea of what they were. And we had baked desert that was made with a white cheese base (you can't find it easily here) and shredded filo dough on top dyed orange, with a baklava-type sauce on top. I basically ate for 3 hours straight, only there was a lot of talking as well I guess. Ramadan is a beautiful thing. I love Middle Eastern food. I pretty much imagine Heaven to be like Omar's house--a lot of food, and being surrounded with people you greatly enjoy. His family is so nice, I love it.

Sadly I missed League, but there's always next week. And once I get through this lab tonight life will be good, for a while. I get to go see Yo La Tengo at the Venue tomorrow night, and I have plans on Friday and Saturday with friends I haven't seen for a while, so I'm excited about that. And I have a study plan started that I will implement tomorrow, so things should be good.

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