Monday, October 09, 2006

I can't make the spell check work for this post.

I might have to start writing in this blog more, because I love the new layout of this baby. Of course, no one reads it, but whatever.

I have yet another test on Wednesday. This is okay because today was my Friday, and I have all of tomorrow to worry about studying. Of course, tomorrow I will in fact worry, so I doubt it will be fine then. And I have my lab Wednesday night. Talk about my idea of somewhere hot and full of fire. This Wednesday will be terrible, but I'm sure I'll get through it, and I'm excited that tonight after class I get to go to a good friend of mine's, from work, for dinner. My friend Omar and his family will be celebrating Ramadan, and I was invited. I might have hinted for the invitation, and my mother would have died at the impoliteness of it all, but he did say he'd invite me last year, and all I really said Saturday was that I'd like to see how the whole Ramadan thing worked. I offered to bring food, he told me they'd take care of it, as I'd be their guest, and now I'm really excited. Omar is one of those people I see and I can't help but smile, no matter how crappy of a day I'm having; he's that nice. And I love his family, and I love Middle Eastern food. And as long as I'm saying I love stuff, I love learning about different cultures. My friend Brian, who I also know from work, and his family will be there too, along with some other people from work that I don't work as closely with, but have met, and who happen to be Muslim as well. I'm a little worried about trying to find his house, though I've been there once before, right after their daughter (who was my friend) Lina died.

I'm going to try to hit a little bit of frisbee first, but we'll see how that goes. As of right now I'm 5 minutes late for my O Chem class.

What do you mean no one reads this blog? Am I no one now? ;)
Yeah to her or yeah to me?
"Yeah" to me I'm thinking. Well, it's nice to know, but how would I have known?
I think I have to ask you the same.
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