Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Wee Hours Of The Morning.

It's really early in the morning. My roommates are still on last night's schedule. I just spent my sleeping hours studying for a test I know I won't do well on. Kind of an interesting feeling. I don't care enough to push myself to my breaking point, but the subject matter is interesting enough (and I'm curious enough) that I want to understand it anyway, even if it's not as fluently as I could wish. I guess that will help me on my future tests in the class, because I won't get as far behind. But it's amazing how much you can learn when there's no stress. I guess there's a little, but I'm a perfectionist, so if I know I can't do it perfectly I have trouble making myself do anything. I'm currently working on a schedule that will utilize my time to the fullest extent, and sadly am enough of a nerd to be really excited about this plan of practically isolating myself from natural daylight.

So my test is in little less than 12 hours. After that I get to head back down to civilization and see people I've started to really miss hanging out with. Then after that I put my plan into action. I still have stuff planned to keep me from going crazy, but I'm going to know Genetics and Organic Chemistry inside and out if it kills me.
That is my line of time for those who don't know. I just thought of something though. Pinkie asked why I need another blog. I guess the main reason is so that I can write stuff that's completely unimportant to all but myself. Not that anything I ever do write is anything but that, however, I like to humor myself. Anyway, I think all the posts here have dealt pretty much exclusively with school. Very boring and monotonous. But I need to vent, and this is it. So much is changing in my life right now, and it's easier to get a better look at it in writing, where I'm detaching myself ever so slightly. There will probably be more frustration expressed, and happiness too. Ultimately, any little bit of creativity that I contain will come across in my other blog, but here I refuse to have any such expectations.

I think it's healthy to have somewhere to write without having any expectations for quality, length, etc. I've thought about doing that myself, rather I do that myself. I just don't post it, but hide it away in a little file on my computer to rot. This is probably better. BTW there is a typo in the intro text below the blog title.
Thanks Aaron.
I figure typos are like having something in your teeth. No one wants to tell you, but you're glad when they do.
I think typos are like flaws in art work, they let the demons out of the piece. (my gramma told me that once, about the art work). I can relate to much of your post, my friend. I have 3 blogs now, all of which I write in regularly for diverse reasons. It's what we do. If I'm not making sense it's cause I'm at work and it's the middle of the night, which I know you can relate to!
On another subject, I read froggie's blog and saw about your tea party, I wish I could of these days if I make a special trip to Salt Lake can we all go? Maybe in December after school?
I agree with the typos thing, although I never claimed I could spell in the first place, so I'm okay with it.

Yeah, absolutely FF. And actually we didn't end up going, because it was reserved for two parties that day. But we did all go to Joshuar's birthday party Friday, and it felt like old times with Snasia, FK, Pinkie, Duckling, and Davey all there. Except that you were gone. So just let me know when you're in town.
Ah, how I miss the lines of time.
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