Saturday, September 30, 2006

Too Tired.

Man I'm tired. And I hate not having a car. On the bright side, Conference is good so far. I only fell asleep once, and I felt really bad. So now I'm in desperate need of a nap, I have no car and my parents have taken the van to my house to look at my car, and I really am feeling guilty at even the thought of a nap when my chemistry homework needs to be done this weekend and I have a test Wednesday. Or Thursday. The point is that I only have the weekend and Monday before I go back to work, and Monday I have too many classes to do much homework. What I really need is caffeine right now, but I have no car to accommodate said caffeine. Dave says I shouldn't have caffeine, and that I should be taking vitamin B pills instead. Whatever David. I really just need a break, only I haven't applied myself enough to deserve one. I need a break from my breaks.
I'm listening to the Polyphonic Spree right now. Kind of random, but they are a happy bunch of people if nothing else. I think that helped. And I changed my template settings, just for the heck of it. I think I like these better.

My car is now fixed, but in Salt Lake, so I have to take Traxx to get back to it. I think I want to go to Graywhale right now. I love their selection of music you rarely find in places other than the internet. I really shouldn't buy myself things to put myself in a better mood, but I do enjoy it so. And music puts me in a better mood than most things. I need to start doing plasma again so I don't feel guilty buying random things, now that I have so many expenses. A little bit of blood money to pay for things; plus I think it's pretty funny how my parents react to it.

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