Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Like This Color Of Blue.

So why would a person create another blog when they don't really have anything of importance to write about in the first place? Or seemingly the time to do so?

I can't really say, other than that it gives me the leverage to switch up things a bit. For starters, I really don't like the word "blog." If you're going to make up a word, make it sound cool. Like the guy who make up the word "malapropism," or "behoove"...or "kife, which isn't really a word, but is definitely still fun to say. So I guess I'll consider this a record? Roughly at least, because I don't really plan on including long stories here; so for those of you who refuse to read my "blog" because it's too long, you'll have to come up with another excuse not to read this one. So I guess it's not a record of events, but more of my thoughts and opinions? Only time will tell.

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