Thursday, September 21, 2006

Communism Is Not Cool; At Least In Practice.

It's Thursday. Obviously. I'll have to update the saga of how work is becoming more and more painful to deal with lately (which I will do on my other one, which was bound to happen after 3 years. Main point: I can't do homework at work anymore. That's one of the reasons I took the job 3 years ago, but things have changed, and my manager is trying to become a dictator. A friendly dictator, but how friendly can a dictator be? Anyway, I'm going to have to creatively arrange my schedule so I'm utilizing every spare minute I have towards studying. That's not to say people shouldn't invite me places still, if they feel so inclined--I'll need the releases. But I do need to buckle down and work hard. Partly because I really am not at all prepared for my Genetics test tomorrow. I know they're only going to get harder, so dropping this one isn't ideal, but with everything at work turning upside-down, my car deciding not to work, and just random other things here and there (such as me not studying as uniformly as I should have at the beginning of this unit)...I'll just have to commit to doing what I need to so I can do really well on everything else. It definitely sucks for my perfectionistic nature to give into failure so quickly, but I've been trying to make myself care for the last week, and I can't do it for this test. I need to change some things first, and it unfortunately will take longer than I have.

So for now I need to get back to work, so I can leave early, then I'll go home and study so I at least can understand Genetics as much as I need to in order to not get behind for the next test.

What was your plan for this new blog? The color is really boring. I do not get why you need another blog.
Your mom needs another blog.

I have no plan, other than what I wrote it was, which proves that you obviously don't read what I write no matter how long it is.

That said: I don't "need" another, I just felt like making one. Who really needs even one? It's more of a daily journal I guess, since I'm usually terrible with those; mainly because I get carried away with the stories I'm telling, and it takes a long time to write them. Which is why it takes me so long to post something; what's your excuse missy? So I thought I'd put more thoughts and impressions than long stories about mundane things. Like I said, we'll see what happens. And if in 2 weeks I decide to delete it, I have the option.

As to the doesn't detract or distract me; so in essence, it's meant to be boring.
And I'm still working on just how I want this one to look. I haven't had the time. I actually shouldn't have had the time to get this far.
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